Smile every day-2018-85

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A Text Message

After resisting the advance of technology for many years I finally gave in and bought a cell phone. A few days later I called my wife and told her someone kept texting me but when I checked I didn’t have a text message.
My wife asked who it said was sending a text. I told her I wasn’t sure about the name but I thought it was a lady named Betty Low.
After a short pause my wife responded with, “I think you mean ‘Battery Low’.”

Being A Good Mother

“Anton, am I a good mother?”
“My name is Paul.”

Twin Sisters

The twin girls walk into a store. After selecting a few items they go to the cashier.
The cashier looks at them and says, “Are you two girls sisters?”
The twins both laugh and then one says, “Sisters? We aren’t even religious.”
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Why the Bee Married

Why did the bee get married?
He finally found his honey.

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