Smile every day-2018-78

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Diamond Birthday Gift

Alex to his friend Francis: “Yesterday was my wife’s birthday, and I asked her, ‘What gift would you like to have?’”
Francis : “What did she say?”
Alex: “She said, ‘Give me anything which has diamonds in it.’”
Francis: “So what did you give her?”
Alex: “A deck of playing cards.”

In Which State

The River Ravi flows in which state?
A liquid one.
I Know Where You Live

I got into an argument with this thug in a pub. I backed away, but as I was leaving he shouted, “I know where you live!”
I was really worried for a while, but it turned out he works for Royal Mail Parcelforce, so his threat almost certainly isn’t true.
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Panda Thief

Why did the panda steal my socks?
Because he had bear feet!

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