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Parrot’s Prayer

A local priest was visiting a widow for Sunday dinner. Afterwards, she was doing the dishes and he was looking around and noticed a parrot in a cage.
The lady noticed and said, “Reach into the cage, father, and pull his left leg.” Well, he did and the parrot recited the Our Father.
“Pull his right leg,” she said. He did and the parrot recited the Hail Mary. Well, the priest thought this was amazing. Then he said out loud, “I wonder what would happen if I pulled both legs and the same time?”
The parrot said, “What do you think will happen, I’ll fall flat on my butt!”

Sheriff Doesn’t Want Marriage

The Sheriff’s girl friend constantly asked the Sheriff to get married.
Girl: Please, marry me?
Sheriff: I can’t. I have to go catch the bank robbers.
Girl: Please, marry me?
Sheriff: I can’t. I have to go catch the rustlers.
Girl: Please, let’s get married?
Sheriff: I can’t I have to go catch those who held up the train.
Moral of the story: Some men would rather fight outlaws than in-laws!

Nothing Is Impossible

“I’m telling you, nothing is impossible!”
“Oh yeah, try slamming a revolving door.”

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Walking Out Of Church

“I hope you didn’t take it personally, Pastor,” an embarrassed woman said after a church service, “when my husband walked out during your sermon.”
“I did find it rather disconcerting,” the preacher replied.
“It’s not a reflection on you, sir,” insisted the churchgoer.
“Ralph has been walking in his sleep ever since he was a child.”


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