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Q Why are pancakes

Q. Why are pancakes like a baseball game?
A. Because they depend on the batter.

My Dentures Don’t Fit

A woman went to her dentist to have her dentures adjusted for the fifth time. She said they still didn’t fit. “Well,” said the dentist, “I’ll do it again this time, but no more. There’s no reason why these shouldn’t fit your mouth easily.”
“Who said anything about my mouth?” the woman answered. “They don’t fit in the glass!”
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Good Manners

A teacher sees a lad entering the classroom – his hands were dirty.
She stopped him and said, “John, please wash your hands. My goodness, what would you say if I came into the room with hands like that?”
Smiling the boy replied, “I think I’d be too polite to mention it.”

Do You Take Children?

I called a motel and asked how much they charged for a room. The clerk told me that the rates depended on room size and number of people.
“Do you take children?” I asked.
“No, sir… nor checks!” replied the clerk. “Cash and credit only.”

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