Smile every day-2018-40

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Funny comeback

Police: Where do u live?Me: With my parents.Police: Where do your parents live?Me: With Me.Police: Where do you all live?Me: Together.Police: Where is your house?Me: Next to my neighbors house.Police: Where is your neighbors house?Me: You won’t believe me if I tell you.Police: Tell Me!Me: Next to my house.


According to Chewbacca The Force Awakens coming soon to a Disney Theme Park near you.


The Smiths next door are angry at us

Dad I think the Smiths next door are angry at us.” “Why is that?”
“They’re probably mad because our dog can retrieve the newspaper, and theirs can’t.” “How could you possibly know that? We don’t even subscribe to the paper.” “Yeah, that’s probably got something to do with it, too.”

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The Ironworker

An ironworker nonchalantly walked the narrow beam fifteen floors above the city sidewalk. Though strong winds were blowing a heavy rain, the worker showed no fear whatever. When he came down to the sidewalk, a man who had been watching him from ground level went over to him and said, “I was really impressed watching you up there. You were so calm. How did you get a job like this?” “Well, as a matter of fact,” replied the ironworker, “I used to drive a school bus, until my nerves gave out.”


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