Smile every day-2018-39

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Enough said

The viola got a solo……

Christian Names

3 young men met one pretty lady after church service. The men decided to introduce themselves. The first man says, I am Joseph but not the dreamer, the second man says I am John but not the Baptist and the last man says I am Abraham but not the father of nations. The pretty lady said hello to her new friends and introduced herself as Mary but not a virgin.

Wrong Move

I called into my local pub to find O”Reily nursing a black eye, and looking very sorry for himself. “so what happened to yourself O’Reily?”
“well, today’s Monday, yesterday was Sunday and I was in church. We stood to sing the hymns when I noticed that mrs. Magilicuddy who was stood in front of me, had her lovely sunday frock stuck in her cheeks, so I reached over and pulled it back out. well she swung around and belted me with her handbag!”
” Ah bad luck O’Reily, you being such a gentleman and all”
The very next week I called into the pub again to find O’Reily battered and bruised all over! ” What happened to yourself O’Reily?”
“Well today’s Monday, yesterday was Sunday And I was in church with Shamus, we stood to sing the hymns and mrs. Magilicuddy had her sunday frock all jammed up so Shamus pulled it out for her.Now I knew she doesnt like that so I quickly tucked it back in!

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