Smile every day-2018-38

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Why did Adele cross the road?
To say hello from the other side.

Rude Bee

What do you call a bee that belches?
A Burp Bee!

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Past Tenses – Irony

Two Hillbillies meet after an English exam:
Ey’ how was the paper?
Oh it was just great, but I forgot the past tense of “THINK”. I thought and thought for a long time, finally I just wrote “THUNK”
Ha ha ha, you are very silly, I thought about that for a while but I know the answer is “Thonk”
And what about the past tense of “Write”
Mmmm, I don’t remember what i wrote on that one, I think I wrote “Written”
Well, let’s hope you are right, I did not bother with the past tense of “GO”, I just wrote “GOED” and went to submit my paper.


Professor and Escort

An Australian Professor was conducting a research on crocodiles along the Sepik River and was escorted by a villager who knew a lot about the river and crocodiles. Paddling up the river, the Professor asked the village escort, “do you know how to read?” asked the Professor. The Villager replied, “nogat eh”. The professor then said, “well, then you are already dead because you know nothing”. The villager was so upset that he paddled the canoe without saying a word.A little up the river, the villager then asked the professor, “do you know swimiology?” The professor replied, “No”. “Well then, you are dead,” said the villager. “Because, if the canoeology is sinkology, you will not swimology, and the crocodiology will eatology your assology.”

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