Smile every day-2018-29

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My Cabin in Alaska

A few years I got tired of the city life and bought a little cabin In the remote mountains of Alaska. It was a long winter, but made it thru it.
One day I heard a knock at my door I opened it and there stood a big burly guy. He said he lived over the mountain and had seen my smoke. He said he is throwing a spring party over at his cabin. He said it will be tomorrow and asked me if I wanted to come?
I said ya, its been a long winter,
He said There would be a lot of drinking,
I said I like to drink.
Also there will probably be some fighting,
I said I could hold my own.
Then he said, oh, there will be a lot of sex,
I said wow, Its been a long time for me.
He said see you tomorrow and started to walk off.
I said what time should I be there?
He said, it doesn’t matter, There’s only going to be you and me!

My Old Car

Saw my old car yesterday. It is a Rolls Canarly.
It rolls down one hill and canarly make up the the other.

Blog of Loong

King Queen and Two Twins

Q. There is a King, Queen, and two Twins in a room. How are there no adults in the room?
A. They’re all beds!


Good Looking Girl

A good looking girl waved at me today…
But there was no way I was swimming out that far to save her.

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