Smile every day-2018-12

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Tough Times

I was just reading that the economy over in New Jersey is so bad, that the Mafia had to lay off three Judges the other day!


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Best Deal Ever!

Used car salesperson to customer: How would you like to buy a car with zero down and zero per month?
Customer: (slight pause) For how many months?

It’s So Hot

It’s so hot here where I live in Florida, that I walked to the store and bought some cookie dough ice cream, and by the time I got home it was cookies.

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The Best Quote About Men

At the Super Bowl party, Ken overheard two wives talking about their husbands and men in general. Then he heard the best quote ever from one of them….
“The rules of football and the plot of The Godfather are the two most complicated things that every guy understands, no matter how dumb he is.”

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