Smile every day-2018-2

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Repairing A Watch

A man arrives at the repair shop to pick-up his watch.
Clerk: “I haven’t finished repairing it yet. just give me a few more minutes.
Man: “Sure, no problem.”
The man goes and stands right next to the clerk, who notices him but continues working. After a while, he can’t take it anymore.
Clerk: “Why are you sticking so close to me?”
Man: “I’m only doing what the sign outside your door says.”
Clerk: “And what is that, may I ask?”
Man: “It says, ‘Watch Repairs.'”


Bored Desert

Why was the desert so bored?
Because it had nothing left to sea!

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No Need to Wait

Teacher: “School starts 8am, young man. Why are you coming in at 8:30am?
Student: “Sir, by all means, you can start the class without me. No need to wait.”

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Professional Opinion is Always The Best

A psychiatrist met an old patient and exclaimed, “I heard you died.”
“But you see I’m alive,” smiled the ex-patient.
“Impossible,” said the psychiatrist. “I was told you’d died by a colleague who’s had 22 peer-reviewed papers published, so his opinion’s bound to be much more reliable than yours.”

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